Hello. I’m Phoebe. I love to write about thoughts and feelings—both mine and yours. I believe stories are important, perhaps the most important connective tissue of humanity. Really. My life as a writer, podcaster & storyteller, social media czarina, film/mediamaker, and librarian is dedicated to this belief.

I was the Librarian, archivist, de facto historian, and unoffically official culture keeper in the home office of Wieden & Kennedy- the world’s best creative agency- for ten years. I got to spend time collecting stories from the two dudes who founded the place, as well as a lot of their colleagues and friends, so I had the coolest job there.

Before that, I worked on a massive Ruby on Rails wiki project for Meyer Memorial Trust. I also helped to teach nonprofits how to use technology tools and wrote blog posts and social media guides. It didn’t seem odd at all that a Librarian would be a great fit for that role.

I became a librarian because being a filmmaker was really exhausting and unhealthy for me. I was crazy enough to write and direct my own feature film. It is an 80’s comedy that’s a love/hate letter to my high school days spent in Puyallup and Tacoma, Washington distributed by Indiepix, NY.

I’m a child of the I5 corridor- born in a hippie commune on Golden Gate Ave in SF, raised all over, and finally returned to my childhood favorite—Portland, Or. I spend my time with my main dude, a geek; our child, a dog trapped in a human body; and our friends, all weirdos.